Casa Agricola Mercantil y Exportación de Café was founded in 1952 by a German family who had owned a coffee farm before World War II and as they tried to rebuild their lives, looked to provide their motherland with high quality coffee. As it is common with German culture all aspects of the company where run with precision and honesty.

Within a few years the company had established itself within the coffee world as a reliable exporter who could produce consistent quality for the consumers and provide great service for the producers.

As an independent exporter in a globalized world it is always challenging to compete with the big multinational companies and with many more players in the market than in years past the challenge is greater still, but with independence comes versatility, allowing us to trade coffee from all kinds of producers and sell to virtually anyone interested, without restrictions. With good service, quality, honesty and traceability, we will ensure to remain an important player in the coffee world.

Ultimately after 60 years Camec has maintained the integrity and vision of its founders and has proven to be a solid fixture in an often volatile industry. As newer generations of the original founding family get involved in the business, we will strive to continue to provide the world with the highest quality coffee consistently in every bag, every year.