Our coffees

In spite of its small size, Guatemala is a land filled with geographic diversity. The country´s many different microclimates make each coffee growing region unique in its soil, weather and altitude, thus producing a wide range of coffees with very different characteristics even from one town to the next.

CAMEC has always believed in the uniqueness of each coffee producing region and strives to identify where each lot comes from, classifying each one by origin and cup profile. This enables us to allocate each separate lot into the different brands we have available representing each region.

In addition to our regional brands, we offer:

  • Extra Prime Washed
  • Hard Bean EP
  • Strictly Hard Bean EP
  • Farm ID coffee
  • Organic and/or Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee

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Quality Control

From teaching producers to pick respecting quality, to using specific micro lots for every shipment, achieving high quality is our priority.
At the wet mill stage we encourage our producers to be mindful of quality and pick only those cherries which are ripe enough, but also not the let them over ripe. Partly this is done by rejecting those coffees that don´t comply with our standards. We are also strict with specific origins and not to mix one with the other. All of our coffees are fermented and washed, most of them sundried.

At the parchment stage every lot is processed individualy and cupped and qualified to ensure uniformity in the final product. Every qualified and classified lot will then be stored with other lots of the same qualification and used specifically for a shipment approval sample.

Having the cupping room in the main offices enables us to check and re-check coffee quality and allows the partners of the company to give the final word on every lot exported. To ensure freshness, coffee is stored in parchment until days before it is to be delivered at port.